Few things in life are as terrifying as being accused of a crime.  However, in America, we are innocent until proven guilty.  We hear this phrase on television, in school, and many other places.  Very seldom do we give the phrase much thought, but having the right to face our accusers and have the case against us proven beyond a reasonable doubt is essential to a free society.

      In my career, I have represented countless individuals who have been accused of crimes.  My office handles the following charges and many others that are not listed:


  •      Driving under the influence
  •      Possession of Marijuana
  •      Speeding Tickets
  •      Assault
  •      Trafficking in a controlled substances
  •      Manufacturing Methamphetamine
  •      Drug Paraphernalia
  •      Bail Jumping
  •      Burglary
  •      Robbery


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